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Wedding Entertainment

Our ceremony music sets the perfect tone, creating an unforgettable soundtrack for the beginning of your forever journey together.

Whether you’re looking for church wedding music, or music for a civil ceremony, we can guide you through the options and help create your dream wedding. 

From lively jazz notes that dance in the air to the soulful tunes that create an atmosphere of refined elegance, our cocktail music transforms your reception into a captivating experience where every clink of a glass and laughter resonates against a backdrop of musical perfection. Cheers to a harmonious beginning!


Soft strings and mellow piano keys create an elegant ambiance, allowing conversation to flow.


While providing a delightful backdrop to the culinary delights, our music adds a touch of sophistication, ensuring that every moment of your dinner is infused with harmony, creating lasting memories for you and your guests alike.

Ignite the dance floor and keep the celebration alive with our electrifying wedding bands. Renowned for their dynamic performances, our musicians bring an unparalleled energy to your wedding. 


Get ready to dance into the early hours with 

our exceptional DJs who elevate your big day to unparalleled heights.

Extend the festivities into day two with our exceptional artists, ensuring the party never stops.From acoustic serenades to lively tunes, Stratmore Entertainment's artists will set the tone for your follow on celebrations. 

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